“While they’re running for the roses, I’m looking for a home…”

If you have ever experienced the excitement of horse racing and the thrill of seeing “your horse” cross the finish line in front, then tip your hat to the equine athletes that made your day. Like human athletes, the glory and gold they run for doesn’t last forever. Injuries and age can end it all in a snap, sometimes literally. When the running stops they rely on their human companions to care for them.

It’s time to “pony up!”

Human sports stars, including jockeys, can go on to other careers after the crowds stop cheering. Race horses can too, but only if we help. Otherwise they may end up homeless, neglected, or worse in a sales lot headed for slaughter. They don’t do that to old baseball players, why should it happen to race horses?

I have made upwards of 60,000 miles of circles on the backs of some incredible horses. I tried to learn something from every one of them about how to do a better job of exercising and training. What I didn’t expect was how those lessons would impact my life and relationships outside of racing. It is time for me to give back.

This book, “Running in Circles – What Riding Race Horses Taught Me About Life” is a way for me to share how my life was enriched by my four-footed friends and help support them in retirement through the proceeds. Click here for a peak inside.

Wheeling your horse in the exacta: $20 bucks plus.

Subway meal deal: $8 bucks. Starbucks latte and pastry: $7 bucks. McDonald’s super-size meal: $8.00.


That’s all it takes to give a horse a second chance and get your copy of Running in Circles – What Riding Race Horses Taught Me About Life. For the price of a coffee and pastry, or a sandwich, chips and drink, or a super-sized cheeseburger, fries and drink you can do your part to make life better for a race horse that gave you thrills and chills.

Most offers to support charity give 10% – 25% of the proceeds.  Five dollars, that’s 71.4% of your purchase of Running in Circles, goes to a rescue organization. Paypal gets their cut, admin gets some and the rest goes to finance a print edition, which will also generate funds for rescue organizations. 

Is it worth one “fast food” meal to help one fast horse?

You know it is. Do it. Your heart will thank you – twice!

Click the link you want to support: (Don’t care or don’t see your choice? Click the button for Author’s Choice and I will gladly pick the organization for you. To request a specific recipient not listed, click Contact Us.)

Longacres Mile Special –  eBook – $7.00, print edition 13.00 + 3.00 shipping and handling OR buy the print edition and the eBook for the price of the print edition.  A $23.00 value for $16.00, a $7.00 savings. Now you can read Running in Circles on your laptop, tablet or smart phone or hold the book in your hands. You can read wherever you are.  The price includes tax, shipping and handling. Immediate gratification – download the eBook now and receive the print edition in 7-10 days. Click the Buy Now button.

Click here to let the author pick the organization (Author’s Choice):Click here to support CANTERusa: Click here to support Second Chance Ranch:Click here to support Emerald City Thoroughbred Project::Click here to support the Exceller Fund:

THANK YOU for supporting rescued and retired racehorses. They deserve a life after racing.

Richard has been “running in circles” since 1972. At last calculation he had over 60,000 miles on the odometer. Horses he has had the privilege of exercising include: Bold Ego ($511,648, winner Ark Derby, 2nd Preakness Stakes); Super Moment ($1,017,940. A 3 time winner of the Bay Meadows Handicap); Table Hands ($290,595, Eclipse Award runner-up and Champion WA 2yr-old-filly 1979); Bedside Promise (multiple stakes winner of  $950,205); and of course, Kent Green (multiple stakes winner of $395,469, won stakes every year from 2-7). More about the author.


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